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I have discovered some of the best things to do in and around Annapolis, and I always discover something new to love. From weekend trips to weekend trips to the city, I make several trips to the Annapolitans every year, always with the same goal in mind.

There is no better way to experience Annapolis than by taking a boat or carriage ride through this wonderful city. In fine weather, numerous sailing and boating excursions can be arranged, offering spectacular views of the Annapolis Naval Academy. Throughout the year, you can watch a constant parade of sailing, known as the "Sailing Capital of US," while kayakers and paddlers prefer to explore the miles of streams and coves around the Annapolitans. It also offers a variety of activities for those who get around the city, such as kayaking, canoeing, paddling and kayaking.

No trip to Annapolis would be complete without a visit to the Anne Arundel County Courthouse and Maryland State House, but there is another point for those interested in a tour and exploration. It probably borders the city of Annapolis and runs along the Severn River, overlooking the Naval Academy, the city's main attraction, as well as Chesapeake Bay.

Other states that serve Annapolis include Maryland Route 70, which connects the city with the Maryland State House, Naval Academy and Anne Arundel County Courthouse. Some of the most popular roads leading directly into the cities include Baltimore-Washington International Airport (I-95) and MarylandRoute 70, which connects Baltimore City, the largest city in Baltimore County, and Route 665 from Maryland, which also covers the southwestern part of the city. ShoppingDowntownAnnapolis has a variety of specialty shops and boutiques that are centrally located, such as the Old Town Market, Market Square, Old Town Ring and other shopping centers. In addition, Annapoli, MD also has charming brick streets with unique shops and restaurants, so you're never at a loss what to do in and around Annapoli.

Annapolis is often overshadowed by the larger and busier Baltimore and is a great destination for those who prefer to stay ashore, but for a night or two you can stay at one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Old Town Hotel or the Annapoli Hotel. Join the trolley tour "Discover Annapsies" or book a day trip to the Anne Arundel County Courthouse. Interstate 97 offers the most direct connection to Baltimore and Maryland Route 2 is the best connection to Southern Maryland, while it also offers an alternative route to and from Baltimore. It also runs just outside the city limits and connects to Route 665, the main highway in Maryland.

The Banneker - Douglass Museum, located on the grounds of the Anne Arundel County Courthouse in downtown Annapolis, Maryland, documents the history of African Americans in Maryland. African American history and heritage can be explored through the Annapsies Underground exhibition, which explores the Underground Railroad and its role in the civil rights movement. The museum has been expanded in recent years with new exhibits, such as the Annapolis Underground exhibition, which explores its history as a hub of the underground movement in Baltimore and Maryland during the Civil War. This historic landmark is home to Frederick Douglas, the first attorney general to settle in Annapoli in 1706, and one of the first African Americans in Maryland.

The Maryland State House is the capital of the United States and is home to the U.S. House of Representatives, the State Senate and the Maryland Supreme Court. It is also home to the governor, as well as the state house and state Senate.

The city's status as the state capital means that the police presence is greater than usual, but it is often noticed both in the city and in the surrounding area. The state of the federal capital often makes the larger police presence more visible than in other major cities such as Washington, D.C., and New York City. A large number of police officers, as well as police cars and helicopters, are frequently seen in the city and surrounding area.

You will pass some of the city's biggest attractions, including the dome - the Maryland State House and the Maryland Capitol. The focal point is the State Capital building, which you should visit when you are in Annapolis. There are a number of other attractions in and around the capital, including the Anne Arundel County Courthouse, the State Capitol and other historic buildings, all of which should be stopped when passing through Baltimore - Washington International Airport as well as other major airports in the area.

A trip to Annapolis would not be complete without spending some time on the city dock and the historic waterfront. Visit the Declaration of Independence site that calls Annapolis home and see the history written at the Maryland State House as you stroll through the cobbled streets of downtown and other historic areas in the historic district of the city.

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More About Annapolis